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Our Trainers Specialize In:

⦁ Weight Loss:
The best way to lose weight is to make a lifestyle change including proper nutrition and exercise.  Changing your lifestyle takes hard work and motivation and it is difficult for some people to become motivated on their own.  We can help.

⦁ Muscle Toning:
Some people need help toning a few “Problem Areas.”  We develop programs that work every muscle group in your body to help you achieve your best body.  We can help.

⦁ Nutritional Counseling:
We do not believe in diets.  Diets are a quick fix, and quick fixes are not permanent.  We believe in proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  We help our clients improve their eating habits with counseling, healthy and delicious recipes, and a food diary.  We can help.

⦁ Strength Training:
We concentrate on the two most important parts of strength training:  One is proper form and second is technique.  We help you develop your muscles in a safe and effective way.  We can help.

⦁ Injury Rehabilitation:
With your doctor’s advice and recommendations, we work to help you come back from injuries that have kept you away from exercise.  We can help.

⦁ Sport Specific:
We take apart each exercise and concentrate on exercises to strengthen the muscles needed to accomplish each sport.  We can help.

⦁ Prenatal Exercise:
There are some great reasons to be active during pregnancy.  Exercise may help with an easier and shorter labor and birth, fewer C-sections, a quicker recovery postpartum, and a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy weight.  Note: We require a medical clearance for all pregnant clients regardless of trimester.  We can help.

⦁ Postpartum Exercise:
Most women gain an average of about 30 pounds during pregnancy.  18-20 pounds are usually lost within a month of having the baby.  Those last few pounds can be very difficult to shed.  We can help you lose the extra weight, firm your abdominal muscles and give you an hour of “Mommy Only Time”.  Note: We do not work with women until their 6-week postpartum doctor's visit.  If you have had a C-section we will require a medical clearance.

⦁ Senior Fitness:
It’s inevitable that we will get older.  Some of the things that could happen include loss of Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Balance.  These don't have to be inevitable. It’s never too late to start exercising.  Note: We require a medical clearance for anyone with an underlying health problem, injury or disability.  We can help.

⦁ Speed and Agility Training:
We help athletes (and all clients) increase their speed and help with agility training.  Every training session consists of warming up, a workout and a cooling down period.  We adjust every program to the needs of each individual client.  Provided clients follow our program, we guarantee our clients will accomplish their fitness goals.  We can help.

⦁ Children’s Fitness:
With childhood obesity on the rise, it has never been more important to develop a healthy lifestyle.  The best time to develop a healthy lifestyle is when you are young. We focus on proper nutrition and the proper way for children and teenagers to exercise. Children’s bodies are still growing so it is important to promote a healthy and safe way to exercise.  We can help.

For more information on our personal trainer training programs for the Bucks County area, please contact us today at 215-630-9044.

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